Revolutionizing The Shopping Experience

Complete Shopping Experience:

Futtkr enables the user to scan the products which he/she wants to buy using their smart phone and make a cart in the app. Thus user does not depends on the counter for billing and thus eliminating their need to stand in counter queues.

Convinient And Smooth Checkout:
The less factor

After the buyer has made the cart in the app, user can make the payment for the same from the payment options available in the app. User can pay digitally via net banking debit/credit cards, paytm etc. The customer experiences a smooth checkout and overall a unique shopping experience.

Home delivery:

Now even the small shopkeepers can come online and deliver their products. Thus Futtkr is providing a platform to small shopkeepers by which they can join the online market arena. Shopkeepers can choose the area within which they want to provide the home delivery service. They may even mention the minimum amount for which they would deliver.
Moreover the shopkeeper may switch off the home delivery service if he/she is temporarily unable to do so and can switch it on again when he/she is ready.

About Us:

Futtkr is an android application which will revolutionize the existing shopping process. This is a new concept which will combine the good experiences of conventional shopping and e-shopping for the customer. We look to increase the customer base for every shop which applies this mobile based application.

The less factor

Futtkr brings the digital shopping experience to the shops of small shopkeepers and empowers them so that they can stand in competition with big giants and in turn returning the businesses of those shopkeepers which fell out to big E-commerce companies.
For the buyers it is a unique shopping experience of its kind as it is the only app in the market which gives the queue-less and counterless shopping experience. Thus gives more freedom to the buyer and saves his/her time. The app even reduces the crowd at the counter and brings the world to a step closer to the counter-less shopping .

A new -
Thought Process

How does it feel to just enter the shop, pick the product that you want to buy and make an exit.
In addition to this we are coming with the feature which will bring local retail and apparel shops to online.